Divided We Fail

The lost narrative of Justice League by M.Schinke So I don’t do film, “reviews”. Reviews are a game of gut reactions made worse by the overwhelming need to get them out as fast as possible so they remain relevant while a film is still playing; there’s no point in reading a review after the movie […]

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Call Me A Thor Loser

Thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok By M.Schinke So, I don’t really know what else to add about Thor: Ragnarok, the 2017 Marvel release directed by New Zealand born Taika Waititi. The third entry in the solo franchise for the mighty Marvel God of Thunder and the fifth outing for actor Chris Hemsworth in the title role, […]

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Thus Spake The Superman

Thoughts on Henry Cavil’s recent comments and the DC film universe in general by M.Schinke An interview with Superman actor Henry Cavill in The Rake magazine started making the rounds today with some very mixed and heated reactions. In the interview, our Kal-El states that the current group of films under the DC Entertainment banner […]

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You Can’t Plan For Everything

An examination of what was and was not Lex Luthors plan in Batman v Superman by M.Schinke In the course of the characters long life, Lex Luthor has been many things: Mad scientist “The greatest criminal mind of our time” A would-be galaxy conquering madman A powerful and ruthless businessman A clone of himself President […]

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